I’m not one to write tributes to people I didn’t know personally… It just feels weird to do, because I didn’t know them well enough, you know? So it would feel ridiculous to me to talk about them. But this woman… This brilliant light of a woman, who had a way of using words to light fires in my Soul and put rhythm in my hips; she made me feel so proud to be a woman, and an African woman for that matter.
Her words made me feel bigger and stronger than I usually allowed myself to feel, when I read them. And whenever I heard her speak, that powerful deep voice of hers would reverberate in my body and cause shivers all over it. Maya Angelou. What a woman!
The most interesting discovery I made after I heard about her passing is, I’m not sad about it. That woman lived!!! She gave of her heart and soul, opened herself up and poured her inner light and wisdom onto every word she wrote and spoke. She gave everything she had come here to give.
It would be hard to pick a favorite Maya Angelou quote, but for me there’s one particular one that isn’t quoted as often as her more famous quotes. I remember the day I read it. I was studying in Florence, in the University library. I was supposed to be researching the history of kimonos for a class. As I walked through the library, browsing, I came across a book of poetry for black girls with natural hair. I don’t remember its title. I was so surprised to find it there, and at that time, living in a city where I was the minority and on top of that being a natural girl, with my afro, and not the weaves and relaxed hair that most of the other black women had which meant that I really stood out, there were days I didn’t feel beautiful. Finding this book was like finding hidden treasure that didn’t mean anything to anyone but me… I abandoned everything else and sat down at the library for hours just poring over it.
Then I found it, a simple quote, short and sweet. But when I read it, it reminded me of why I’m proud to be a natural African girl. Its words were so magical to me. Those few words made me swell with pride because, there’s something so utterly beautiful about being an African woman, I feel so earthy and juicy and succulent… With my soft round curves and my thick fullness and my crown of unapologetic wildness… The quote was written next to a picture of a black woman with a big twisted out afro, her eyes closed and smiling with utter delight. I stared at that picture for a good ten minutes smiling to myself, and I kept my finger at that page, so even when I moved on to the rest of the book, every few pages I’d come back to that quote and that picture and smile again. I went and made a photocopy of that page to keep with me.
Maya Angelou… She is that voice of wisdom and inspiration that I know will remain with me all of my life, always telling me that I am precious and beautiful and worthy; the voice telling me it’s okay to make mistakes and that I can get up and make something great of myself; the voice reminding me to be authentic, true and compassionate.
I couldn’t find the photocopied picture from the book, so I did a remake of my own :-)


Flower Power Yellow and Blue Earrings


Flower Power Yellow and Blue Earrings

Diamond Shaped Pink and Green Earrings



Diamond Shaped Pink and Green Earrings

Circular Green and Yellow Earrings



Circular Green and Yellow Earrings

Orange Linked Discs Earrings



Orange Linked Discs Earrings

Pink and Red Triangular Earrings



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Some new earrings I’m working on…

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