Flower Power Yellow and Blue Earrings


Flower Power Yellow and Blue Earrings

Diamond Shaped Pink and Green Earrings



Diamond Shaped Pink and Green Earrings

Circular Green and Yellow Earrings



Circular Green and Yellow Earrings

Orange Linked Discs Earrings



Orange Linked Discs Earrings

Pink and Red Triangular Earrings



Work In Progress


Some new earrings I’m working on…

My Wish

(Written on 25th April 2011)

I wish that you wake up each day filled with energy, excitement and gratitude, knowing that even more adventures and fun await you.

I wish that you are doing what you love the most, and prospering from your joyful service to others.

I wish you everlasting financial freedom so you can relax, and enjoy all the prosperity Love wants you to enjoy.

I wish that your life overflows with love and abundance of all forms, blessing you in ways you could never have imagined.

I wish that you find the trust, faith and courage to follow your heart and soul’s calling no matter what or who tries to stop you.

I wish you relief and release from all the hurt, fear, anxiety and regret of your past.

I wish that you love yourself deeply, truly…and know how unconditionally loved you already are (by Love, me and countless others).

I wish that you choose to step up into your light, to sparkle and shine from within, and inspire others around you to do the same.

I wish that you know, feel and believe that you are a magnificent, incredible, amazing master of light who is the creator of your reality.

I wish that your struggles end, and your celebrations begin!


I Love You…

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